Anna's Eco Journey

Young mom eco warriors like @annarororo deserve all the natural pampering they can get. Skin care for one is an essential. 

Our Haliya Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion does the trick for her. Thanks to the colloidal oatmeal, virgin coconut oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera and vitamin B3 - that indulge her skin. The smoothness and lightness of this lotion leave her skin feeling fresh.

Anna is one of our happy repeat customers who diligently refills and reuses her bottle, we are so proud of her! We have a permanent grin because she says she “can’t live without it now.” 💚♻️

What it means to be sustainable

Never Lose Sight of the Plight of the Endangered

Never Lose Sight of the Plight of the Endangered

At Kalikhasan, we pay tribute to both large and little species that contribute to the quality of life on our planet. 🌎
8Rs of a circular economy

8Rs of a circular economy

It takes a village to achieve just about any meaningful change in our world.  Circular economy is the way of drastically reducing the amount of r...
Staying safe with good hygiene habits

Staying safe with good hygiene habits

Going back home these days needs to be done as safely as you would when going outside. By being cautious, we can prevent uninvited guests such as ...


We've partnered with these causes to make the world a kinder, greener place.

The Plaf

We’re proud to be a drop-off partner of The Plastic Flamingo in the battle against plastic pollution. Together we are diverting plastic waste from reaching our oceans so they can instead be recycled and transformed to usable furniture.

Kids for Kids

Kids for Kids dares to inspire more kids to become game changers for peace, hope, happiness, and a better Philippines. A youth organization composed by over 500 members, Kids for Kids helps the less fortunate kids all over the country.

Visit Kids for Kids

GROW: Giving Resources and Opportunities to Women Women

GROW is a livelihood program of the non-profit organization Project PEARLS that empowers women with the skills and knowledge that they can use in making a positive difference in their lives.

Every GROW purchase made supports women in proverty.


For the Future

For the Future creates youth-led change by providing avenues of action in support of environmental movements and giving a voice to indigenous groups.

Visit For the Future

World Vision

World Vision brings people together, enabling Filipinos to improve the lives of children, their families and communities to overcome poverty.

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Greenpeace Philippines

Greenpeace exists to give the Earth a voice and to pave the way towards a greener, more peaceful world.

Visit Greenpeace Philippines

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