Kalikhasan Deo in Tins (40g)
Kalikhasan Deo in Tins (40g)
Kalikhasan Deo in Tins (40g)

Kalikhasan Deo in Tins (40g)


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Our deodorant in tins are lovingly made using a combination of vegan wax, kaolin clay, shea butter and cocoa butter, they are so mild and so gentle to the skin, it feels so natural, because it is!  

It comes in 2 very appealingly soft scents:

Our personal favorite Lavender and Geranium combo and good old Tea Tree.

As you know, these scents are so powerfully healing so we decided to have them as intimately close as we can. They are all good for our skin — mild and gentle, they are non-irritants and non-sticky. Absolutely no chemicals!

Why switch to natural deodorants?

  • You detox more naturally
  • The essential oils have health benefits
  • No yellow stains
  • They are cruelty-free
  • Natural fragrance

Customer Reviews

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best non-irritating deodorant!

i switched to this from using another deodorant w/ baking soda but that was starting to irritate my armpits. im so glad they restocked this when they did bc it works just as well as my old one without irritation! and it smells rlly good too hehe

Loving this local alternative!

I’ve been using the Black Chicken Axilla Barrier Booster as my deodorant for the past couple of years & I’ve been wanting to find a local alternative because its packaging is still plastic. I’m glad I tried Kalikhasan’s Deo in Tins. Smells the same with Black Chicken! Only the smell doesn’t last long, but it will surely do its job. Sweaty pits is still an issue but I don’t mind, as long as I don’t have bo. I also love how it’s not greasy / oily when applied. 😊 Thank you for creating this product. 🤍

Doris Tugonon
Love this All natural deo!

I received Kalikhasan’s Lavender and Gerarium deodorant from Eunice, my sister-in-law a few years back. She knows I love natural products and have been using an imported deo brand that is a challenge to buy.
Thank God for Kalikhasan because I can get my deos locally!
This deo works its wonders while being gentle to my skin and having a relaxing and soothing scent of lavender. It is not sticky at all and easy to wash. I like it that it is packaged in environment-friendly tin cans.
I look forward to my morning ritual of applying this magical Kalikhasan deo. Thank you Malou!