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Gugo Shampoo Bar

Gugo Shampoo Bar

Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions

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Gugo is our hair's best friend! 

This powerful ingredient promotes a healthy scalp and beautiful thick hair. It's a vine from the mountains of the Philippines and has been used since time in memorial as shampoo, and even soap, because it has saponin, an ingredient that produces natural suds. So here we have a traditional Filipino shampoo! 

Our Gugo Shampoo Bar is packed with lots of hair besties! Carefully hand made with these ingredients:

  • extracted gugo
  • virgin coconut oil
  • special oils of olive, grape seed, castor, avocado and sunflower
  • shea & cocoa butter and aloe vera
  • mildly scented with green tea and bergamot essential oils

These ingredients will leave your hair smooth, shiny and dandruff-free. Talk about activated hair! 

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