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Facial Bars in Tin Cans
Facial Bars in Tin Cans

Facial Bars in Tin Cans

Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions

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Here's an eco-friendly gift that's not heavy on the pocket! But heavy on the plusses!

Tea tree, as we know, has loads of benefits, being antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It can dramatically clear away blemishes from your skin, allowing your natural glow to come out. Tea tree seals the natural moisture on your face, so it is highly recommended for people with oily skin.

While charcoal, on the other hand, is known for its amazing ability to absorb and draw out oil from the skin. Combined with tea tree and lavender, it’s excellent for oily skin! It leaves your face that feeling of balance because of its power to absorb the oil and dirt accumulated, after a day outside amidst the pollution and dust.

You choose! 

But wait! The amazing part of this gift is the tin container! 

Bring this bar or even just a portion of any bar you wish to travel with and store it in this tin can, and you cut down on plastic waste! Ditch the sachets, my friends, and together let’s help Mother Earth! 💚

It also comes with free pouch and Kalikhasan Holiday tag.