Lawa Dish Washing Liquid
Lawa Dish Washing Liquid

Lawa Dish Washing Liquid


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Our Lawa Dishwashing Liquid has a potent combination of orange and calamansi essential oils that act as anti-grease agents, and organic enzymes that kill bacteria and odor-causing microbes. 

This all-natural solution is kind to your hands. It's chemical-free, non-toxic, biodegradable and environment-friendly.

Can be diluted (1 part to 4 parts water). Very economical! 


Customer Reviews

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Kim Liggayu
Bubbly 🌻

This batch was more watery than usual, but surprisingly stronger than the thick mixture before. The gallon container was a bit damaged, so it’s hard to transfer it to the smaller glass bottles. We put the liquid, instead, in a round wide-mouth plastic container and mix it with water. Still great! As usual. Thank you so much. Hope you guys keep doing this 🙏🏽🍃🌺

Ne O Ne
Squeaky clean dishes!

Squeaky clean dishes in a cost-effective and an earth-friendly way!👌💚

Eden Gan
It works!

Tough on grease, but gentle on the environment. :)

Angela Regis
Eco-friendly solution that's effective on grease yet easy on hands

As an OC who's very picky with cleaning solutions, I find Lawa to be one of the best I've ever tried!

We use it both at home and our startup coffee business. When in the F&B industry, you can't skimp on cleanliness as health is on the line. Lawa makes me see, feel, and smell cleanliness in my washed dishes. It's also chemical-free so I know me, my family, and our customers are not ingesting any harmful chemicals with our food and drink.

Best of all, it's organic! It's safe for the environment and--amazingly--on hands. I'm so happy with it!